Our Staff


Standing left to right – Leah, Mackinley, Erica, Molly, Hannah, Katie F., Kylie
Sitting left to right – Katie C., Emily, Andy, Olivia, Chelsea

Management Staff from left to right – Josh, Vicky, Jean

Vicky Collins – Pool Manager 2007

After a 12 year career at Procter & Gamble, I was fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom to my daughter Katie. Now that she’s 15 and doesn’t need me as much, and with the purchase of Cherry Hill Swim Club, I’ve gone back into the work force. During the summer I stay extremely busy at the pool and winter months work at one of my husband’s companies locations in Cincinnati.

Jean Kimmich – Assistant Manager 2007

Grew up in the heart of Erlanger and participated at Triple E Swim Club for all of my swimming life. I am married to Scott Kimmich and together we have two children, Hannah and Heidi. During the winter months I am a substitute teacher and I work for the United States Census Bureau while also being a stay at home mom. This summer however I am assistant manager and also the head swim team coach of the Cherry Hill Dolphins and having a blast doing it. Go Dolphins!

Josh Morris – Assistant Manager/Lifeguard 2007

Is 24 years old. Currently attends University of Cincinnati and am seeking a degree in Marketing. Josh is a graduate of Beechwood High School and is serving in his second year at Cherry Hill.

Emily Summe – Lifeguard 2007

I just graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville with a bachelor’s in early childhood education. This is my seventh year as a lifeguard and my second summer working at Cherry Hill. I am moving to New Mexico at the end of July to teach kindergarten and coach a swim team.

Andy Lubbers – Lifeguard 2007

I have been working at Cherry Hill for the past two years. I’m 19 years old. I am leaving for the Army this month. I graduated from St. Henry High School and plan to attend NKU in the spring.

Olivia Benzing – Lifeguard 2007

Is a junior at Boone county High School and a current member of the National Honor Society. She is also captain of her high school drill team. This is her first year as a lifeguard but second year here at Cherry Hill. She is currently looking into possible careers after high school.

Chelsea Michels- Lifeguard 2007

Is 18 years old and plans on attending Eastern Kentucky University in the fall. She intends to major in Music Education. She plays the French Horn. This is her second year at Cherry Hill. She was a lifeguard sub last year.

Katie Fehrenbacher – Lifeguard 2007

Is currently attending the University of Kentucky. I will be a sophomore this coming year majoring in architecture. This is my fourth year as a lifeguard but first year at Cherry Hill. Along with being a lifeguard at Cherry Hill, I am the assistant swim team coach.

Leah Michels – Lifeguard 2007

Is 15 years old and a sophomore at Boone County High School. This is her first job and really enjoys it. She plans on working at Cherry Hill again next year!

Erica Ehlman – Lifeguard 2007

Bio forthcoming.

Kylie Becker – Lifeguard 2007

Is a 16 year old junior at Beechwood High School, plays competitive volleyball and is interested in going to college for adolescent psychology. Kylie also swims on the Cherry Hill Swim Team.

Katie Collins – Hut Staff 2007

I’m your normal 15 year old girl who hails from the small town of Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. I’m a determined

vegetarian going on 6 months, so please, don’t grill the hamburgers too close to the hut. This is my second year being trapped in employment for Cherry Hill, but I love it. My favorite part about working would have to be making monotone announcements over the loud speaker, oh, and the money.

Hannah Kimmich – Hut Staff 2007

Is 14 years old and currently lives in Erlanger. She is a sophomore at Saint Henry District High School where she is on the swim team. She hopes that next year she will be able to be a lifeguard at Cherry Hill Swim Club. She plans to graduate from St. Henry with honors. After that she plans go on to a college in Kentucky to pursue a career in the medical field either as a nurse or a doctor in pediatrics.

Mackinley Motzer – Hut Staff 2007

Is a new employee at Cherry Hill Swim Club, and is having a wonderful time working and lending assistance to the members. She is fifteen year of age and is a soon to be sophomore at Beechwood High School. Mackinley hopes that with her earning from working at Cherry Hill, she will be able to participate in the trip to France, Germany, and Switzerland the following summer with members of her French Class!

Molly Klump – Hut Staff 2007

I’m 16 and will be a junior this fall. This is my first year working at Cherry Hill and I plan on training to be a lifeguard next year. I’m also a member of Cherry Hill’s swim team.