Cherry Hill Swim Club was built in the spring and early summer of 1961. It was built by the developer Gordon Martin who was in the process of completing Cherry Hill subdivision. Trying to capitalize on the waiting list that Triple E and Bluegrass and Ludlow enjoyed, Mr. Martin built the pool with the vision of generating a profit by selling memberships to not only Cherry Hill subdivision homeowners but also area residents unable to get in to the wait list only existing membership pools.

By the time the pool opened in 1961, those wait lists had evaporated and other pools such as Beechwood were on the drawing board. The result was a limited membership of Cherry Hill residents only. This caused Cherry Hill to traditionally be the lowest membership pool in the area with the smallest swim team in the NKSL. New homeowners would be given a bond upon purchase of their home. Membership dues were roughly $60 per year during the 1960’s. The pool and it’s amenities evolved to be a focal point of the neighborhood. Boy Scouts and Girl Scout troops met in the clubhouse as did various local civic groups. Numerous summer parties were held at the pool in between swim lessons, swim meets, and private parties.

But as the neighborhood aged, so too did the pool. Operating on very limited budgets throughout the years caused much needed repairs and modifications to be waived. Attempts to purchase the pool from Gordon Martin failed decade after decade. Because of turnover of the neighborhood and the deterioration of the facility, membership grew dangerously low in the 1990’s. In 1999, the facility was gifted for tax purposes to the Greater Cincinnati YMCA. The YMCA greatly improved the pool itself by installing stainless steel gutters, a surge tank, and new filtration systems. But after operating the pool for only three years, the YMCA abandoned the facility and failed to open it for the 2004 and 2005 seasons.

Brian and Vicky Collins purchased the facility in late 2005 and have restored it to the premier facility it is today.

The pool itself is 25 meters long, 13 1/2 meters wide, and 10 1/2 feet deep in the diving well. It is somewhat odd in the fact that it is a 7 lane pool. The extra width adds to the aesthetic beauty of the classic design. The seams in the bottom of the pool have been completed blasted and replaced with modern expansion joints. The in-pool lights as well as the 3-meter board have been removed so as to comply with Kentucky code. Chronic water leaks have been identified and repaired and two coats of epoxy paint have been applied to the inside of the pool. The d.e. filtration system provides crystal clear water better than those pools with sand and gravel systems.

The result of two years of renovation should insure that Cherry Hill Swim Club endures for several more decades.