Future Vision

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in the Cherry Hill Swim Club. Within this letter I will attempt to share with you my vision for the future of the swim club and how the pool evolved to its present state. Finally, I will outline the purchase process that has afforded me the opportunity to tackle this project.

My personal interest in Cherry Hill Swim Club began in late 1960 when my family purchased a home at 683 Maple Tree Lane. As with all of the new homes being built by Gordon Martin, we received bonds to a community swim club that was to be built at 705 Peach Tree Lane in time for the 1961 swim season.

From the summer of 1961 through 1973 when I left for college, the pool was a major part of my life. Like scores of Cherry Hill kids that, like me, literally lived at the pool, I participated in swim lessons, joined the swim team, watched the annual luau parties and generally “hung out” at the pool the entire summers. After the summer of 1973 I lost touch with the pool and in 1981 my mother sold the house at 683 and moved to a condo.

I would occasionally drive by the pool in subsequent summers just to reminisce or to see if it was being maintained. After not seeing it for four years, I drove by in May of 2005 and what you see today, a neglected, weed infested, vandalized shell of a once well maintained facility was what I saw. It was then and there I knew someone had to do something.

After networking and researching records, I discovered the YMCA had been gifted the swim club from the Gordon Martin estate in late 1999. Their business plan was to bring it up to code and turn it into a day facility for inner city youth. They also had planned to maintain the current neighborhood membership. That business plan obviously failed. The local members abandoned their memberships due to poor pool maintenance, limited pool hours and restrictive regulations.

The YMCA found the day pool concept did not fit their focus so after only four seasons they failed to open the pool in 2004 and 2005.

There is however some good news regarding the ownership period of the YMCA. During the year 2000 they completely replaced and upgraded the entire filtration system and installed new stainless steel gutters so as to be Kentucky code compliant. These and other expenditures totaled well over $150,000.00. Therefore as far as the physical plant is concerned, the pool is in the best shape it has been in years.

During the summer of 2005 I began a dialog with the asset managers of the Greater Cincinnati YMCA to purchase the swim club outright. Following lot surveys, discussions with St. Henry High School officials who own the adjacent lot, pool inspectors, filtration experts, lawyers and tax advisors, I was successful in obtaining a purchase price I could live with. In mid December closing occurred.

At this point you might be asking yourself, “Why would someone buy a 45 year old swim club in today’s age of sue happy lawyers, rising insurance and utility cost and labor harder and harder to find?” The answer is, it’s not an investment for profit, it is a restoration of love. Like in the case of scores of other kids that grew up in Cherry Hill in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, I don’t want to see an old friend die. It is my intent to restore the pool to its former glory. I do not anticipate or count on turning a profit.

My wife and I own three other companies that will afford us numerous economies as we proceed with the turn-around of Cherry Hill Swim Club. We will have no debt service on the swim club, so therefore our sole focus will be to cover yearly operational cost with members’ dues and if we should be so lucky as to actually have some left over, those funds will go directly to improvements and or contingency.

After the New Year arrives, general clean up and repairs will begin. We have every intention of opening for the 2006 swim season. We plan to offer swim lessons to members and we have already applied to the NKSL for re-entry in 2007. We also hope to have special events like kids movie nights, Adult parties, sleepovers and maybe even a rebirth of the famous luaus.

Specific dates have not been established as of yet, but future improvements include a new baby pool area, concession stand, expanded deck, concrete overlay of the deck, basketball courts behind the shallow end on top of the hill or beside the existing baby pool, two low boards re-installed and possibly a water slide. Fiber optic lighting will be installed in the pool and a state of the art public address and music sound system will be installed. We also hope to add an actual real time line video camera that can be accessed via your home computer.

We are currently interviewing high school teachers for the manager’s position and will be seeking full-time life guards. I plan to spend one day a week at the pool including times off and on during the weekend. My wife will do the same. We live in Fort Mitchell and will be close so as to properly oversee the management and daily operation.

Finally, all we need to make this project a success is you, the Cherry Hill subdivision home owner and the alumni member that grew up at the pool but now lives away from the subdivision. Membership will be limited to 150. No bonds will be required to purchase. Season dues will be yearly and will be less than those at other NKSL swim clubs, once you factor in the saved money due to no bonds being required to purchase. Details regarding joining, payment and rules & regulations will be posted on this site very soon.

This pool is not really mine; it’s yours, the people of Cherry Hill subdivision. Having a healthy, viable community swim club increases your property value. Having a safe and fun place for your kids to go each summer just makes good sense. Being able to have your child learn to swim could save their life someday and therefore is priceless.

Please e-mail or call if you have any questions or concerns. Both my wife and I look forward to seeing you this year at the “new Cherry Hill Swim Club”.


Brian & Vicky Collins