2009 Inductees:

Jack Boehm – bio coming soon

2008 Inductees:

Ralph Kemphaus
Bruce and June Brownfield
Don Dressman Family
Jack Kleymeyer
Tom Browne Family
Phil Smith – bio coming soon

NKSL Wall of Fame

There are currently three Cherry Hill Swim Club alums honored as being members of the NKSL Wall of Fame.  They are:

The Don Dressman Family – inducted May 2000

Karen Turner Chitwood – inducted July 2008

Brian W. Collins – inducted July 2009


In 1961, Ralph Kemphaus was a senior at St. Henry High School in Erlanger. In the summer of 1961, Cherry Hill Swim Club was scheduled to open for its first season. Tony Deye, a teacher at St. Henry was hired as the first pool manager. Tony asked basketball team members Ralph Kemphaus and Jim Henghold to become Cherry Hill’s first two lifeguards.

Ralph worked that first year, returning in 1962 to coach the first ever Cherry Hill swim team and to serve as assistant manager and guard. In 1963 and 1964, Ralph was employed as both the manager and head swim team coach. He also served as recording secretary for the second NKSL champ meet committee in 1964. Ralph managed, coached, taught swim lessons and influenced scores of young swimmers through his outstanding leadership.

Ralph went on to a highly decorated career as a high school basketball coach at several Kentucky and Ohio high schools. He is currently a professor of math at the University of Cincinnati. The early impact Ralph had upon the development of both the swim club and the team will be remembered for decades to come. We proudly induct Ralph Kemphaus as the first member of the inaugural class of the Cherry Hill Swim Club Hall of Fame.


In 1957, The Brownfield family bought the second house built in Cherry Hill subdivision. Since that time nearly 550 more homes have been constructed in the development. Bruce and June were heavily involved in the early development of the Cherry Hill civic association and in the formation and management of the swim club beginning in 1961. Both were fixtures at all home meets throughout the early to mid 1960s. Bruce would serve as starter, stroke judge or timer while June ran the scorer’s table with next door neighbor Alice Jane Walker.

As their three sons, Doug, Brad and David became members of the team their involvement grew. In the late 1960’s, Bruce literally became the face of Cherry Hill in the NKSL. For several years Bruce served as the official delegate to the NKSL, actually serving as board president several years. His dedication to the growth and development of the NKSL was tremendous. When work or repairs needed to be done at the pool, Bruce was the first one there to volunteer his time and talent. When the NKSL champ meet was held at Cherry Hill for the first time in 1973, Bruce and June both contributed greatly to the success of that huge event.

Bruce was the owner of Walther Auto Body in Covington and June was a homemaker. Bruce passed away in the early 2000’s, followed by June in 2006. Sons Doug and David still live in Northern Kentucky and both have been supportive and helpful in the current renovation of the club. No one would have been prouder to see Cherry Hill Swim Club rise from the ashes than Bruce Brownfield. And no one is prouder than us to induct Bruce and June Brownfield into the inaugural class of the Cherry Hill Swim Club Hall of Fame.


Don and Joann Dressman had seven children, Micheal, Mary Jo, Michelle, Monica, Matthew, Melissa,

Marcie.  From the first day Cherry Hill Swim Club opened in June of 1961 through the 1990’s, a Dressman has played a pivitol role in the opeations of the pool.  Don Dressman literally helped develop the very first Cherry Hill Civic Association, the first Cherry Hill Swim Club Association and even the first swim team booster association.  He, along with Jack Boehm, was instrumental in organizing the Northern Kentucky Swim League and the very first champ meet in 1963.  Don was truly a pioneer in Northern Kentucky swimming.

So it was no surpise that his seven children followed suit.  Their indiviual swimming accomplishments are too numerous to mention here, but they include Olympic trial times, NKSL high point age group winners, college scholarship winners, championships as coaches and state high school and NKSL record holders.  In short, for many years and still to this day, the name “Dressman”, has and will always be associated immediately with swimming and consequently with Cherry Hill Swim Club.

A second generation of “Dressman” swimmers has already started and like their parents, they are excelling.

In May of 2000, the Don Dressman family was inducted into the NKSL Wall of Fame and now in July of 2008, we induct them into the inaugual class of the Cherry Hill Swim Club Hall of Fame.


Like the Brownfields, the Kleymeiers were Cherry Hill pioneers, buying the third house ever built in the subdivision, again in 1957. Jack was the main civic club and swim club contact with pool owner and sub division developer Gordon Martin. Year after year, Jack would negotiate lease terms and potential purchase terms with Mr. Martin. Jack served as the very first Cherry Hill civic association president in 1961 and is pictured in an opening day ceremony at the pool in 1961 which can be seen on this site under the “old photos” tab.

Jack’s business involvement influenced the early stages of Cherry Hill and the swim club greatly. His dedication to building membership and creating a budget that was realistic and manageable truly benifited the fledgling club. His rappore and skill in dealing with Mr. Martin also deserves high marks.

Jack’s boys all swam on the team in the early 60’s up until the time the family moved to another Northern Kentucky community in the mid 60’s. Jack was a college professor at the University of Cincinnati and has written several books on business. We are proud to have him inducted into the inaugural class of the Cherry Hill Swim Club Hall of Fame.


Tom and Maxine Browne moved to Cherry Hilll in 1959 and lived at 675 Maple Tree Lane.  They had three boys and a daughter named Cindy.  The boys, Jamie, Tony and TD all swam for the Cherry Hill Dolphins as did Cindy.  Jamie swam on the very first team in 1962 with Tony following in 1964.

Both Tom and Maxine were active in the early years of the civic association as well as the swim club and swim team boosters.  Maxine was instrumental in the very successful campaign to raise money for the team’s first warm-ups in 1967.  Tom was a fixture as the starter for all home meets and was very involved in all of the needed repairs and carpentry work required at the pool.

Both Tom and Maxine were the ideal swim team parents.  The Browne kids were all outstanding swimmers and contributed greatly to the team’s B division championships in the 1960’s.

Tony Browne excelled especially in the NKSL, swimming high point at several champ meets, placing in the top six in Kentucky high school state meets and eventually earning a swimming scholarship to the University of Cincinnati.

In the winter and spring of 2006, Tony contributed his time and skill to help restore the then abandoned Cherry Hill Swim Club.  It is with great pride we induct the Tom Browne family into the inaugural class of the Cherry Hill Swim Club Hall of Fame.