Located at: 705 Peach Tree Lane, Erlanger, KY 41018
Mailing Address: P. O. Box 17636 Covington, KY 41017-0636
Phone (summer) 859-371-9979 | (off season) 859-331-8319

A Family Neighborhood Membership Facility!
cherry hill swim club


10/2009 - During the off season, we began altering the hut and changing the vending room into it's original design of 1961.  The extra room on the hut will be used for the swim & dive team for Booster storage.  The old space of the hut will be used by the swim club as storage.  All concessions will be operated out of the old vending area.  The vending room will have new windows, entry door, paint, and flooring.  Unfortunately due to the early cold weather, the project has been halted and will resume at the first sign of warmer weather in 2010.  Click here to see photos of door,  paintwindows.

4/1/09 - During the spring season, we began preparing the swim club for its summer season by painting the pump room walls and steps, installing a baby changing station in the women's restroom, and tear down of the viewer's stand.  Member Pat Michels has been working hard on replacing it with a pagoda style shelter/viewer's stand.  THANK YOU PAT!


2/22/09 – Many updates have been done to the website. See the Hall of Fame link under the HISTORY tab and Old Swim Team Photos also under the HISTORY tab. We added a link to “Fans of Cherry Hill Swim Club” on Facebook under the LINKS tab. We encourage all past members of Cherry Hill Swim Club to join as a fan and keep up with old friends. We’ve added a DIRECTIONS tab so that you don’t forget about our overflow parking that’s available at St. Henry High School. It’s just a short pathway down to the pool. Our 2009 event calendar should be up shortly.


  • Our Refer-A-Friend program will begin again for 2009.  As a member of Cherry Hill Swim Club, you play an active role in helping the Club fulfill its mission to promote and develop the growth of the club. We ask you to help us to insure Cherry Hill Swim Club remains a viable entity for years to come by ensuring we reach our required membership. You can do this by referring family and/or friends to join. For every new membership you bring to Cherry Hill Swim Club for the 2009 Season, you will receive $25 off the cost of your membership renewal. 

  • Effective November 1st, Cherry Hill Swim Club will be accepting credit cards as a method of payment for your membership dues.  MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards will be accepted.  For this added convenience there will be a $5.00 processing fee.
8/1/07 - The pathway from St. Henry's parking lot to the pool has been completed.  St. Henry's parking lot will serve as an overflow lot for swim and dive team nights and those days where Cherry Hill's parking lot might be full.  Click here to see photos.


6/4/07 - Just to name a few additions to the swim club include installing a triple stainless steel sink in the concessions area in order to prepare hot/heated items, erection of a gazebo for additional shade, and installation of a brand new pool pump motor.  Work continues on the back hillside as we hope to change this area into a landscaped floral area.  Swim Lessons, water aerobics, scuba camp, Tuesday kid's craft day, and a stroke clinic are some of the programs scheduled thus far this summer.

4/21/07 - concreteThe long awaited rear deck french drainage system was finally completed on 4/21/07. This will insure the spring water and drainage from the area south of the pool will now drain around the pool deck to the creek.



4/6/07 - Parking Concerns....As owners, we realize Cherry Hill Swim Club has always had limited parking.  In the 60's and 70's, this tended not to be a problem due to the fact most of the members lived in the neighborhood and walked to the pool.  We now realize in 2007 that many of our members now live outside of the subdivision and therefore drive each day.  We are taking steps to handle this problem.

 The northeast corner of St. Henry's parking lot is within walking distance of the pool.  We are creating a walkway thru the meadow and installing a set of steps leading to our side lot.  People able to make this walk will be encouraged to utilize this parking arrangement if need be.

On extremely busy days we will be instructing our employees to park at St. Henry or on Maple or         Peachtree.

4/6/07 - Handicap Parking.....Our lot will be striped this year so as to designate parking spaces.  We will have a number of designated handicap parking spaces for those members who possess a handicap sticker.

3/20/07    Many changes continue to be done to the website.  Be sure to go through the tabs for these interesting changes.  View demolition pictures of Triple E Swim Club1/29/07    Renewal forms for 2007 memberships will be mailed to past members some time during mid-February.
1/29/07    The drainage pipes still have not been installed across the back and thru the side meadow.  This project has been delayed due to the extremely wet fall and winter.  We hope to complete it in February.  We also hope to shave the back hillside at the same time.
1/29/07    It has been decided to fill in the back corner with concrete and then build a decorative trellis that will serve as a covered sitting area and possibly double as an elevated viewers stand during swim & dive meets.  We also hope to replace the steps going to the apartment.
1/29/07    Our friends at Triple E were most gracious regarding the purchase of liquidated equipment.  At a very reasonable cost we obtained 60 barely used Telescope lounge chairs.  Also included was a very expensive guard chair, 6 stainless steel starting blocks, a complete set of Keifer lane ropes, miscellaneous concession equipment, various pool filteration equipment, swim & dive team supplies, and other pool deck objects.
1/29/07    Spring projects will include the installation of 4 more light poles and lights, the electric run to them and the installation of new deep end ladders, our new guard chair, and holders for the starting blocks.
1/29/07    A large emphasis will be placed on our swim lessons this year.  We have obtained a lot of new equipment and will have approved by Red Cross swim program.
12/10/06    I was glad to see our VIP discount cards were put to good use during the holiday season. 100 Triple E family members enjoyed their own private railcar on the Santa Express on the Lebanon, Mason, & Monroe Scenic Railroad in Lebanon, Ohio.  As owners of the LM&M, we were pleased to be able to offer this opportunity at a reduced cost to our valued future members.  It is our sincere hope that a great majority of the people who went will actually join Cherry Hill in 2007.  If anybody took pictures during that event, please email them to us and we will post them on the website. 

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